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    Arkay Alcohol Free Margarita Flavoured Drink

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    Arkay version of Alcohol-Free Margarita Flavoured Drink 33 FL OZ


    0% – Alcohol
    0% – Calories
    0% – Sugar
    0% – Carb
    Gluten Free
    Friendly Veggies


    1½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Tequila flavored drink

    ½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Orange Napoleon flavored drink

    ½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Margarita flavored drink

    Splash of Sweet/Sour Mix

    1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

    Garnish Lime Wedge Salt to Rim of glass


    ArKay Margarita Alcohol-Free Beverage 

    The ArKay version of Margarita is not a Margarita and does not contain any distilled products.  Our master mixologist creates Margarita flavors by mixing Margarita and Tequila aromas with other flavors and our W.A.R.M. molecule. All flavors combine with the W.A.R.M. molecule emulate the flavors, aroma and sensation of Margarita.  (Production of our Margarita flavored drink is not in the USA)


    General Production Description 

    The ArKay W.A.RM. Molecule is the alcohol replacement that warms and burns like a real liquor. When tasting and in contact with the tongue, the W.A.R.M. molecule sends stimuli to the brain with a warm burn, and taste, which makes consumers believe they are drinking alcohol.


    As always, ArKay Beverages contain 0 % A.B.V. / Zero alcohol and are sugar-free.  ArKay Products are pasteurized and have a two-year shelf life.  Fun and entertaining beverages for everyone, anytime, anywhere. What to drink, when not drinking.

    f ArKay. It reproduces the taste of the liquor but not the negative effects of alcohol. Arkay soft drinks are not made from distillation, therefore Arkay flavored drink contains Zero % ABV / Zero Alcohol / it is Alcohol Free, it is Sugar free  , it is good for everyone and can be consumed anywhere.

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