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    Arkay Alcohol Free TENNESSEE Whisky Flavoured Drink

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    Arkay Version of Alcohol-Free TENNESSEE Whisky Flavored Drink 33 FL OZ

    Arkay truly 100% Alcohol-Free Tennessee Whisky

    NO ALCOHOL, NO LIMITS – Echoes the flavor, nose, and heat of whiskey, without alcohol, calories or carbs so you can “have another” any time

    DON’T REINVENT THE RECIPE – Swap one-to-one with traditional whiskey for easy alcohol-free mocktails or low-ABV cocktails, mix with bitters and sweet vermouth for a low-ABV Manhattan or orange for a virgin Old Fashioned

    CLEAN AND HEALTHY – An all-natural alcohol alternative that’s 100% spirit free, with no allergens, no GMO ingredients, gluten-free and ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, perfect for athletes and runners, parents and parents-to-be, designated drivers, the sober and sober curious, keto and paleo dieters


    Arkay Zero Proof is a non-alcoholic spirit alternative crafted from the same essences as whisky. It lends the sweet and smoky warmth of whisky to mixed drinks and cocktails, but without whisky’s alcohol, calories, sugar or drawbacks.

    Our recipes took thousands of iterations and more than 5 year of active development since 2007. But it’s not mad science — closer to mad cooking. Arkay is made with botanical flavors. That’s why we list them right on the bottle.

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