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  • Single Grain Scotch Whisky - Cask 12 FL OZ

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    Single Grain

    The most often asked question is what constitutes single grain. A single grain whisky contains whisky from a single distillery. It would not necessarily be whisky from a single cask because to continue providing a consistent flavour profile over the years, whisky from several casks may have to be vatted together. Where whiskies of different ages are used, the age statement of the single grain will be the age of the youngest whisky used (even if it was only a drop). Where no age statement is used, it is likely that some younger whisky will have been used and it may be off-putting to whisky drinkers who avoid whiskies under, say, 10 years old. However, where whiskies have younger malts added to them, they can impart a freshness that is very appealing.

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