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  • Scottish Spirits 12 Years Old (Blended) - 33.8 FL OZ Bottle

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    Blended Scotch whisky 12 years

    Blended Scotch whisky contain both malt whisky and grain whisky. Producers combine the various malts and grain whisky to produce a consistent brand style. This type of whisky constitutes nearly 90% of all whiskies produced in Scotland.

    The ingredients of malt whisky are essentially just barley and water. The source of the water and barley quality has a significant effect on the taste of the final product.

    The barley grains are the seeds of the plant and they are steeped in water until they germinate or sprout. At this stage the barley is spread on the floor of a malting house where it continues to develop over the next week or two. The starch in the barley turns to sugar and at the optimum time the growth is stopped by placing the barley in an oven or kiln.

    Traditionally the heat for this oven was peat fired and it was from here that malt whisky acquired its peaty, smoky taste. Nowadays more conventional Scotch Whisky Production, Scottish Spiritsforms of heating are used.To retain the peaty flavours some distilleries are burning peat and blowing the smoke over the grain during the process.

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